Fotografie einer Aktion, die auf der Strasse Richtung Osten vom Ostbahnhof stattfand. Obwohl der Kunstler dort wahrend der Hauptverkehrszeit am Abend lange stand, hielten keine Autos an, um ihn mitzunehmen. Unterirdisch installiert scheint dieses Bild einen unmoglichen Ausweg aus der Unterwelt zu bieten.

My work is primarily about asking the question of the representation of the human figure in our time and the place it occupies in a world where the flow of images is massive but where contact between human beings is challenged by great distances. For years I have made a point of travelling to foreign countries as often as possible to be confronted with the unknown, where I try to find my marks. This situation determines my way of looking, my perception. By using empathy I want to succeed in showing the similarities between humans of different cultures without losing sight of their individual differences.

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